KuCoin Margin 2nd Anniversary Quiz Answer

Activity Period: 8 Nov to 15 Nov.

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Kucoin Margin Quiz answers

Q2) What are the differences between Margin and Spot? Select all possible answers.

Answer: All Options A, B & C

Q3) When you predict that a coin will go up, which should you choose in margin trading?

Answer: Long

Q4) When you do long BTC, what should you do? 

Answer: Borrow USDT and repay USDT when the transaction ends

Q5) Can you only manually borrow and trade in the margin?

Answer: No, automatic borrowing can be chosen on the margin trading interface, and the system will borrow at the best interest rate 

Q6) What happens if the coins are not repaid after the margin borrowing and trading? Select all that apply.

Answer: All Options A, B & C

Q7) When will your account be forced to close out?

Answer: When the debt ratio reaches 97%, the margin account will be forced to liquidate

Q8) When your margin account debt ratio is at low risk, your margin account is very unlikely to face the risk of liquidation. What is the low risk area?

Answer: 0-60%

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