Is bremit . io is scam or real airdrop?

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I know you have lots of questions about bremit token. I will try to give the answer.

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This is totally my assumption, I may be wrong,
Why I think Bremit (BRMT) is a scam of 2021 because When I log in to bremit I saw it many times date fluctuation. sometimes it shows 10 days left, after some time it showed 39 days left.

Why do I think Bremit is a Scam ?
1. Date Fluctuation.
2. Scam detector show only 39% Trust.  Look
3. Spelling mistake in Telegram Post.
4. No latest updates about Airdrop news.

I might be wrong, Now 4 days left of bremit token unlock, Lets see what will happen.

I must say to you don’t expect this coin. No one talking about it this coin.

If I am wrong you can comment on me, I will update this post.

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