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Study to Earn — 50,000 WOO!
Before you start this quiz, make sure you’ve watched our video (coming soon on Nov. 11) on WOO!

You will need to get all five questions below correct to claim an equal share of the 50,000 WOO prize pool.

E.g. If 100 participants score full marks, they will each get 500 WOO.

Please note that each user may participate in this activity only ONCE.

Bybit Learn & Earn WOO Airdrops Quiz Answers

Quiz Answer

1. What is WOO?
Ans- It is the native token of the WOO Network

2 What is the WOO Network?
Ans- It is a deep liquidity network connecting traders, exchanges, institutions and DeFi platforms

3 Which one of the following is true?
Ans- WOO can be used to unlock zero-fee trading and higher referral rebates

4 What is the name of the investment arm of the WOO Network?
Ans- WOO Ventures

5 Which one of the following is true?
Ans– WOO can be used for yield farming

6 Please name your favorite influencer on Twitter or YouTube, or a Telegram Community that you are a part of

Ans: t.me/cryptoairdropcity

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