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How to make a website Free ?

Let’s Start You can also watch from Video

Software: https://mobirise.com/

Website Link : www.khozo.in/

Friends you can make a website in a different way

(1) Using Code like Html, CSS, Javascript (2) Using website or software.

1. Using code you can make your own custom website which I think you cant do in the Third Party website or Application. So I suggest you go to the website and learn these codes you can learn these codes in three to four-month. Your next question where learn code than I would like to tell you a lot of websites But I suggest You go to www.w3school.com this website providing you module wise than other websites don’t.

2. This way is very easy you can make a beautiful website using templets and drag and drops options which easy to make a website. There is a lot of website or application are available now a day like wix.com and so many but here I suggest you go to mobirise.com download the application and make your website easily.

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